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Building Specifications

Are you looking to build a new custom home without the big custom price? Don't want to sacrifice quality, design, or style? The answer is custom systems-built modular homes.


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Here are a few of our advantages:


Eliminates Weather Damaged Materials: Built in a climate controlled environment, your home is never exposed to rain, snow or scorching sun. Dry building materials reduce the risk of mold, and reduces the risk of delaminating or water damaged building materials, which can cause problems in the future.


Eliminates Cost Overruns: No last minute, unplanned for, or unexpected costs before you can move into your new custom home. You and your lender can successfully close your loan, and feel confident of finishing on time and within budget.

Faster Building Time: Your home is not subject to weather delays, lack of skilled workers, or building materials. The saying "Time is Money" applies in a major way to home building, and because time is not a factor for your systems-built modular home, you also save money during the construction phase.


Custom Plans: You are welcome to choose a plan from our collection of over 300 standard floor plans or customize any of our plans. We can also start from scratch and create a truely custom home just for you.


Superior Building Specs: Quality is our Standard!


300+ Floor Plans


FREE Floor Plan Books


1,000s of Colors & Finishes

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